Shipping & Turnaround Time:
All ready to sell items are shipped the business day after drops
(7-10 business days) 
If USPS loses or damages your item unless you purchase insurance, PB is not responsible for said issues. You may take any inquiries to USPS customer service hotline.
• Once items are out of PBS possession Pb holds no liability for lost, stolen, broken or damaged items. 
• Items cannot be fixed or repaired after 24 hours of receiving the item. Items that are broken or left out and are damaged due to user error will not be repaired or credited. 
Shipping Fees: 
- it is customer’s responsibility to choose the correct shipping fees applicable for their order
If incorrect shipping is selected customer will be charged the shipping fee with an extra inconvenience fee.

Pick ups:
local pick up will be scheduled and must be picked up within the business week of (RTS) purchase unless other side stated. Customs and other sales will have a pick up date
-Due to recent activity porch pick up has been discontinued and a local pick up area will be designated for every drop within time slots. If you cannot commit to a pick up consider shipping your order.
• Customs & Pre-orders have time variations labeled under the drop, or explained in out VIP group. Join to the most up to date status’ on Facebook, they typically estimate 8-12 business weeks. Also email pineappbowco@icloud.com for any update questions. Pineapp-Bow will contact you immediately if there is an order issue Via email. 
All sales are final at Pineapp-Bow Place 
If a refund is warranted due to PB error, it will be delivered in a form of store credit or sent back to the buyers original form of payment.

Order responsibly 
•All manual  invoices are due within 12 hours or risk your order being canceled. 
• Once bows are out of PBs possession it is not our responsibility for damage including but not limited to, smushed bows, clay breakage, clip damage due to user errors, unraveled bows, damage caused by unsupervised children etc.
• Understand that PB items are accessories and are delicate items. They are not meant to be used unattended (they may become damaged) or in water, unless stated they’re jelly/waterproof. By purchasing from PB, you agree that we are not liable for any of these damages.
• PB has the right to deny or refuse ant sale of items to anyone for any reason including but not limited to the non-compliance panda of these rules.
• All RTS items are dropped off at the mail service the Tuesday preceding the drop. 
 Rewards points and discounts are only applicable on orders $15 or higher. 
Text or Rep Codes:
Rep codes and text codes are always
10-20% off all orders over $30
codes cannot be combined or doubled up on. 
COMBINESHIP code is only applicable for orders after the initial shipping is paid and orders are made in the same business day.
•Custom items and Preorders are not eligible for discounts at this time due to the nature of the items.  
Email any issues or concerns to: Pineappbowco@icloud.com