Bow Styles and Sizes

🍍Welcome to the Styles and Sizes page🍍 

Here you will find the names, styles and sizes of bows we create by hand. There are so many to choose from! 

We name them particularly by size, You will see the same style of bow, but named differently by their sizes.

Bella Pinch Bow: 6 inches pinched with an extravagant tail, the Bella sits at 6 ish inches “big.”

We also have in the same Style

Large EmRo Bow- 5 ish Inches 


Diva Dolly Bow:

6 ish inches, double looped bow. This is our original and most popular style also available in sizes:

Jazlene: 5 inches

Quinn Piggies: 3.5 ish inches each (piggy set only)

Everly Pinch Bow: 

the perfect scalloped pinch bow comes in 3 sizes:

Xl- 5 inch

M- 4 inch

Piggy set: 3 inch each 

The Ariel  Bow: Scalloped and double looped

Comes in 2 sizes:

XLarge- 5 inch

Piggies- 3.5 inch each 

The Charlotte Bow:

This staple bow comes in two sizes: 

 Medium 4.5 inches 

 Xl: 6 inches 


The medium has one scalloped loop while the Double has two scallops shown  below.

👆 Medium Charlotte 4.5 inches

The Lily Piggy Set:

Dainty  3 ish inches of cuteness overload.

this staple is simple yet elegant. Only

offered as piggies.

 The Fancy Piggies 


Jane Bow

2.5 inch piggies - great for newborn sets 

5 inch large single bow 




The Maribel Butterfly Bow